Vice Chancellor

Pastor Rüt Woolridge

Decorative image of Pastor Rüt Woolridge

Rüt is an ordained Prophet, Pastor, Intercessor, and Teacher trained through Prayer Fast Yeshiva International under Dr. Khannah Josué's (Elias) leadership. She has an extended background in ministry, serving in administration and teaching. Rüt teaches with a practical perspective to open minds and touch hearts with biblically-based principles. Through the years, she has earned a distinguished reputation as an armor-bearer and faithful assistant to Leaders. Seasoned with insight, humor, and compassion, Rüt is passionate about being a "friend" and "guiding light" to those on a spiritual journey to a deeper understanding of Elohim. Reaching beyond ministry, she continues to utilize her talents to extend the message of conscious living and empowerment through fashion and design. Rüt was immersed in a mikvah, a messianic baptism, at the Jordan River in Israel by Rabbi Khannah Josué (Elias). She is continuing her studies as a mentee and talmidah (student) of Prayer Fast Yeshiva International.

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