About Us

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Prayer Fast Yeshiva International, "A University Of Higher Learning", is a (501C3) organization called to be a special task force that has been assigned by the Elohim to blow the trumpet of war and charge the enemy's camp to bring down all principalities that are hindering regions, ministries, and leadership from going to their next level and dimension in Elohim. Our School also trains Prophets, Intercessors, Ministers, and Leaders on how to walk in their office in the spirit of excellence, integrity, and order.

Prayer Fast Yeshiva International bridges the gap between the ancient texts of the TANAKH (Old Testament) and the contemporary application of the Brit Chadasha (New Testament). This is the place where we put the "sacredness" of the Word back into the text of the Bible. Our goal is to restore honor to Elohim's name. Modesty and order are brought back to the hearts of Believers as they are reconnected back to Elohim.

This is the place where you are taught to become an "Observant Believer".

We emphasize the importance of studying the Bible within the context of its Hebraic origins while maintaining the integrity of the original intent of Adonai's Word so that it can be translated appropriately for our contemporary society and culture. We embrace all Talmidim (students) who have a desire to be taught from the Hebraic perspective regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.