Welcome to Prayer Fast Yeshiva International!

"A University of Higher Learning"

Our rich history of sound teaching and well-trained graduates for over twenty years speaks volumes of our excellence in education. We invite you to discover the difference of Prayer Fast Yeshiva International, a modern-day yeshiva. Join us on this journey of knowledge and growth, and hear from our Founder and Chancellor as she welcomes you to the world of opportunities that await you at Prayer Fast Yeshiva International!

Prayer Fast Yeshiva International has a Prayer Camp & 24-Hour Prayer Center in view. Learn how you can help and support.


"A University of Higher Learning"

Rabbi Khannah Josué (Elias), Founder/Chancellor

Pastor Rüt Woolridge, Vice Chancellor

P.O. Box 140643 | Dallas, TX 75014

(682) 417-0056

Also visit: www.khannahjosue.com

Email: pfyi@prayerfastintl.org