Once called "One of the best kept secrets in DFW" Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl has a rich history of sound teaching; graduating well trained Students for more than 20 Years.

The heartbeat of PFYI is to teach Intercessors & Leaders how to fulfill their office in integrity.



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Words cannot really express the impact that the Intercessor Training Course has had on my life. This class has challenged me to a whole new level of thinking, living, serving and worshipping. Idon’t think we really understand how important it is to have our hearts in the right posture to serve The Almighty God. We tend not to pay attention to how we approach HIS throne or how we offer our service to HIM. This course has taught me that the level of my service is an indicator of the position of my heart. I realized that my heart was not always pure, which meant that the service I offered to the God that I serve and claim to love was not always with pure intent. If you want to be brought to a higher level of service, then this course is for you. If you want to learn how to function as a Kingdom Intercessor and Priest, then this course is for you. If you want to learn how to become an effective servant and serve The Messiah with a purified heart, then this course is for you.

Rabbi Khannah, is an anointed vessel that teaches from the heart of the Father. She will pull out of you what is in you and charge you to operate without fear and excuse. She will bring forth the word of Adonai with the power and the authority of The Ruach. She reveals Abba’s word in such a way that it will cause you to see your blemishes and the things that keep you separated from The Father. You will be blessed in every area of your life. I promise you, the seeds that sown into your will produce much fruit that you can live off of and feed others from for life. I am forever grateful to Abba for Rabbi Khannah and Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl for making me a better Intercessor and servant.


MY EYES were truly opened from all the knowledge that was shared in the ITC .... in so many areas it showed me how to embrace this new revelation (Hebrew)so God can continue to impart new wine in the future.. the staff is so friendly....Rabbi has a heart for God's people... Each class she made sure no one logged off confused .. she opened the floor for questions...thanks so much for your deligence,time, and patience.. blessings upon you.


I’m so appreciative to the Father for allowing me to attend this school of thought during this time in my life.  It has been a necessary process in order for me to dig deeper.  So many things have happened during this time, but I feel like Adonai planted me here so that I could learn the lesson of forgiving myself for abandoning the path that He had set me on before. 

 I realize that it takes growth to learn to sit in your wrong without it becoming a part of your identity.  This is a safe place to work out your flaws.  I received the message of repentance and take responsibility for my flaws and now realize the importance of not looking at humanity, but looking at the soul of a person including my own.  There are so many lessons to be applied and
are to build on what we have heard.

Nothing about the process has been easy but it has been so worth it.  I remember when I started Rabbi told me that I would survive the shedding.  So, I remind myself of her words of encouragement while going through the process and look forward to coming out on the other side. Rabbi is truly anointed, and I am forever grateful for her obedience through the whole process. This experience has been life changing and will definitely push me to another level in the Father. 


I give all thanks and praise to God for the many lessons learned, thoughts provoked and the revelations received as a result of being a student of the ITC training. Among the many thoughts was the matter of a person's character - mine in particular.  Character as it relates to the discipline one has over their self and their own spirit.  Being just who you are and that's the way I am is not acceptable to minister/serve as a Intercessor. Another takeaway for is that without character, I am not properly ready to focus, learn or receive, which of course saids I am not ready to properly serve. There was so much in this training, but the final thing that I'll share is that once I can get out of my own way and open my mind for learning then I can find the value of what it is that I think I know and understand.  Learning life and balancing life is just like any other blessing, I have to be open to going through the necessary process to receive. Blessings be upon you Rabbi and the School.  


I am an on-campus student who has attended the Intercessory Training Class through Prayer Fast Yeshiva International. I had the option to take the course by attending online, but I was advised by Rabbi that I would receive a greater download and outpour if I came in person. I am glad that I obeyed because this class has truly shifted my prayer life and my mindset about prayer and intercession.

The intercessory training class has allowed us to embark on new territories in the spirit and has laught how to take back these territories for the Kingdom of God. I have learned that submission and consistency are key to accomplishing this. I have seen a change in my character, how I view others, and much closer I have drawn to Yeshua. I have become more intimate with my Heavenly Father and a greater bond of trust and faith has emerged from what I have learned about the greater depths of intercession. I am so grateful that God allowed me to be a part of this class because it has changed my life and my walk with God. 


I want to thank you for allowing to be taught and learned of the different gates, duties of the people, leadership in response for watchman on the wall. There was so much I enjoyed hearing and experience of this class. Learning to be on guard of what we see spiritual or natually with our eyes and discern what we hear as well. Thank you so much for these classes.


Going to PFYI School has been a life changing experience over these years. I can truly say that this is my home. When I say my home, I mean this is where my foundation has been laid. This school is my rock. This School PFYI has helped shape and develop my relationship with the Father. Because through the incredible teachings my Rabbi teaches is about character are life and mind changing. Not only the way she teaches, but the way she lives her life, full of passion and love for the Farther is true and real.  It’s something I have never truly seen before. Going through this class a 2nd time has meant a lot to me also , because I have another chance to finish what God has said to do. Being conscious and involved in my own process is everything to me.


Previously I’ve miss understood so many scriptures because I had not been introduced to the original meaning of the text.  I can honestly say that through this training my eyes have been enlightened, my understanding, and my perspective has been illuminated. I’ve learned through the training that it’s not enough to be an intercessor, but to literally be an intercession. Because of the training, I’ve been informed that I have a job to do in the Kingdom of G-d.  I am the praying answer to those whom Adonai assigns me to. My prayer life has changed tremendously, shamefully I wasn’t praying like I should have been I was mostly complaining, but now I’m not only praying for myself and my family, I’m pray and interceding for lost souls all over the world.  I’m praying that the hearts of men would be turned to God and back to God. I’ve also learned that I cannot teach anything I myself have not lived or that I’m not willing to live. Rabbi Khannah you have changed my life and the way I look at scripture.  You along with your Staff have been available and loving towards me and I am so thankful. When I had questions no matter how ignorant I felt asking, you guys always responded with love and compassion, and you never made me feel like I was dumb. Thanks so much for the impartation and the countless hours that you guys have labored and poured into me. 


Prayer Fast Yeshiva International is a gift to the body of Christ. I’d like to thank God for the opportunity for a “Life Change”. When I think about Prayer Fast I realize that it is more than a ministry and/or a place of knowledge. It is more than a class; it’s an experience. Before stepping out onto my true destiny in Christ, I went through a period of walking with a desire to please God without “His” direction. I began to see that no matter where “I” planted myself, there was no fulfillment there. “I had the heart of a servant but couldn’t find my footing.” As I look back, I now see God and “His” initial purpose for me. I can’t go any further without honoring the Woman of God. Dr. Josué, the voice of truth and holiness.

Thank you for pushing, pulling, disciplining and requiring much more of me. This school gave me back my desire to dig deeper and know more about the mysteries of God. This intercessory class is for people who are serious about their call from God. I would recommend this class for those who desire more of God and those that know God is requiring more of them.

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