This homiletics/hermeneutics course is an 11-week classroom training course. This is a survey course which explores the science and art of preaching and various interpretations or schools of thought by holding it up to the light of the Word of Elohim. Studying hermeneutics/homiletics will students in becoming a well-versed workman of the scriptures (II Timothy 2:15), and an exceptional presenter of the Word of Elohim. This course awards you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Word of Adonai by studying the root and building thereupon, line upon line, precept by precept, while receiving extensive Biblical teaching. 


Upon successful completion of the homiletics/hermeneutics course, each students should be able to serve as exceptional presenters of the Word of Elohim with clarity, understanding, knowledge, revelation, and through life application. The exploration of this course involves the following components:

  •  A palatable knowledge of the art and science of homiletics
  •  The structure of applicable homiletics principle usages
  •  Hermeneutics/Homiletics in context of definition and theoretical usage
  •  Seeing the Light of Yeshua revealed in & through the Scriptures, everyday life, and through objects
  •  Identification of the essential components of effective homiletics/hermeneutics F. Exploring various preaching styles of art and science in each presentation of the Word.
  •  Application of effective speaking and/or writing principles and techniques to the subject matter
  •  Application of critical thinking skills prior to serving the Bread of Life
  •  Link and synthesize information learned in this course to the greater body of knowledge related to preaching