Our History

Prayer Fast Yeshiva International was founded in 1998.

It began with the intercession of three Believers in a small apartment with bible study held at a kitchen table. Their fervency joined with intercession, leading them on a soul-winning mission in the late midnight hour on the streets of Dallas, Texas. “Midnight Love,” as it was later called, became a passion as they sought to pray and intercede for lost souls, praying for drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitutes, and their clients.

The soul-winning strategy was never to ask the people they prayed for if they knew Yeshua (Jesus) or wanted to accept Him as their personal savior. All that was offered was, “May I pray for you.” True non-judging intercession was never turned down. Through warfare, intercession, and prayer walks, the founding members saw many manifestations of miracles. This “small” beginning was a training ground for the vision of Prayer Fast Yeshiva International.

Subsequently, more intercessors joined in the mission to fervently pray for souls to be set free. From the urban centers of Texas and Florida to the streets of India, Haiti, and Mexico, Dr. Khannah Josué began training intercessors worldwide. Over a decade later, with more than 1200 trained graduates, Prayer Fast Yeshiva International continues its commitment to educate the Body of Messiah (Christ) on how to pray and develop spiritually through intercession. Another goal is to move Believers into having an intense, intimate relationship with Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).

At Prayer Fast Yeshiva International, we see training people in their call as proper and necessary. There is a need for a place where Kingdom Workers can be taught and instructed on how to avoid costly mistakes that can shift their destiny and purpose. This need is now being addressed through Prayer Fast Yeshiva International. We are a spiritual boot camp with a fervent urgency for the Body of Messiah (Christ) to be trained.