PFYI Founders Circle

Prayer Fast Yeshiva International
Founders Circle

The Prayer Fast Yeshiva International (PFYI) Founders Circle is a partnering endeavor launched by alumni of Prayer Fast International Ministries. The mission and focus of this “Founders Circle” is to connect and empower those with the heart and passion to rebuild the “storehouse of intercession,” from which they were ignited into the life-altering, intense fire of study, understanding, lifestyle instruction, and a deeper activation of their life call and mandate as Intercessors.

The PFYI Founders Circle members have accepted the mandate to reciprocate back into Prayer Fast Yeshiva International, the school of higher learning, so others can be properly educated in their intercessory call and build an altar of prayer through the 24-hour Prayer Center.

Clarity in the mission of the PFYI Founders Circle is key to its progressive success. The Founders Circle is a restorative organization that includes members who are sincere and dedicated to the core mission of rebuilding the school. Although volunteerism is a powerful tool, this network requires steps beyond sharing time. The vision cannot be restored without stability. Consistency in physical and financial partnership is required.

The PFYI Founders Circle brings together like-minded alumni, leaders, and philanthropists through a hands-on approach to meet the current and forecasted needs to accomplish the divinely prescribed vision. In doing so, each member’s time, unique expertise, financial resources, and influence are leveraged for maximum effect. Partnership isn’t a one-time event. It is a growing, thriving commitment where all share in the burden and benefits promised to us when we come together and work to fulfill the cause and assignment of Prayer Fast Yeshiva International for the Kingdom of Elohim.

This is an exciting and critical time for Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl school and vision to go across the globe. More importantly, I believe this is our time to step out of our comfort zones and boldly do the things Elohim has called us to do as the elected to stand in the gap, as Intercessors!

The Strategy:

Members connect with us through local community outreaches or international current media events to serve and offer prayer support to those in need.

Through networking, Founders Circle members will be provided with opportunities to leverage their expertise to help Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl further its mission and vision.

Members commit to giving financially to channel strength into the re-establishment of Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl courses, community connections, and the build of the 24-Hour Prayer Center.

Members are equipped and covered to be ambassadors of Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl's mission and work within their spheres of influence.

The Founders Circle members will be challenged to build trustworthiness among the public by consistently responding to disasters, crises, and other needs with readiness, fervency, and excellence in intercession and service throughout the city and beyond via various types of media and platforms.

The Commitment:

Founders Circle Members
- $36+ monthly
- Participation in events/activities to build school credibility
- Participation on the PFYI Founders Circle Focus Team, which concentrates on planning programs, organizational, and resource development

Membership Benefits:

**Quarterly Conference Call**
Detailed information and interactive updates regarding the PFYI Founders Circle strategies, goals, and accomplishments. Connection into group strategic intercession sessions.

**Exclusive Intimate Sessions**
Scheduled wisdom, training, and impartation sessions with Rabbi Khannah Josué offered to circle members and one guest.

**Founders Circle Shop**
Special discounts on teachings, products, and events from or hosted by Rabbi Khannah Josué/PFYI.

**Member Directory**
Opportunity to share your and/or your business information in a listing of current members containing information intended to help promote networking and alignment of expertise.

**PFYI Founders Circle Apparel and Communications Collaterals**
Polos, t-shirts, tallits, anointing oil, and more are available to you. Brochures, flyers, and other materials are made available to you to share Prayer Fast Yeshiva Intl's vision with your friends.