Rabbi Khannah Josué

Rabbi Khannah Josué  also known as “Rabbi the Coach”, is the Founder and Chancellor of Prayer Fast Yeshiva Int’l (Intercessory Training Center), CEO of  YAFA (A Natural Health and Beauty Line of Dead Sea Products from Israel). In addition to being a certified Life Skills Trainer, Rabbi Josué is a John C. Maxwell certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker and a founding partner of the John C. Maxwell Team. 
She continues add value to herself by being mentored through the John Maxwell Mentorship Program and as a protégé of Dr. Cindy Trimm, Trimm International.

Rabbi Josué is a recognized International Speaker, Teacher and Author who effectively communicates the importance of living life to the fullest measure across both religious and secular arenas.

There are many levels to what we call “life”. Rabbi Josué believes that each person is born to be a productive individual and counts it an honor to educate on the “Etiquette” of life and business to help individuals determine what their best “Life” is.

Rabbi Josué believes that by identifying mindsets that negatively affect the spirit, soul and body any person can change the course of their lives. Just like a GPS system, Rabbi Josué navigates individuals from their current location onto a path that will allow them to discovering their purpose and to accomplish their life’s call.

Rabbi Josué’s unique perspective allows her to work with many diverse individuals, groups and organizations to develop strategies that will empower people to obtain greater personal success.

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